Kadunghu Ka—The Writings of Illavallanism

The following are excerpts from the Kadunghu, the writings of the religion of Illavallanism.


uTu-av-kitik Tava-obo aT a-Te eh a-ava u
,uhov kava-obo ak amuduk im
ak agam-av-takat-a laNadok-ob al alli

The opening line of the Kadunghu Ka written in the Elder Tongue script

U ava-a he eth-a tha obo-avath kitik-va-uthu
kuduma ka obo-avak vohu,
Illa la bo-kodangal a-Takat-va-Maga ka…

1 When the sky was a blank canvas and the world a formless mass, the Mother began to create the Great Art. 2 She stretched out the canvas of sky and brushed onto it the hues of deepest blue. 3 She beheld the canvas of sky and declared it beautiful. 4 When the canvas had dried, she placed it within the frame of heaven and placed a great light before it so that all might behold its beauty.

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