The Nine

The nine great ancient civilizations all claim an eponymous ancestor as founder.  An ancient tradition claims that all nine were siblings, the children of the last King of the Elder Folk.  The question of whether these figures are historical or legend, and if historical, whether they were actually related, has been the subject of much debate among scholars worldwide.  Arguing against the historicity of the legend is the unlikely distribution of the siblings and the even greater unlikelihood of each of them being successful in founding a realm.  Arguing in favor of the legend is the existence of certain unifying cultural traits spread across the world and the use of the Elder Tongue as a ritual tongue in most of the Lands Under the Sun. A third view maintains that all the ancient realms owed something to the legacy of the Elder Folk but that no one individual (or family) can be credited with the development of civilization in the Sunrise and Sunset Lands.

The Nine (with reconstructed Elder Tongue etymologies):

  • Azeffa (Azh-Efath/Father of Truth?)
  • Carmadh (Kag-ar-Wal-a/Stone Against Blood)
  • Erun (Er-Ungu/In the forest)
  • Falan (Fah-al-nurra/Smoke against the north?)
  • Illax (Illa-gan-se’a/Mother of the garden of lightning?)
  • Illuva (Illa-um-Va-a/Mother from Va)
  • Kindar (Kinad-aru/Tree balm)
  • Sunnadir (Sunnu-alir/South-water)
  • Vardanit (Wal-or-danitu/Blood on teeth)