Folkhamlár Research Challenge

The micelwritu of the meeting of læreowas of the Folkhamlár of Greatvale, 28th day of Sunnemath, Gaderung-at-large for Learning Asser presiding, Vera Ælfredsdohtor writing.

As you all know, the recent journeys to the Hidden Lands by Meharanganar Toreanastrarax of Denestiriux and Daegal Swordsmith of Greatvale have forced us to reexamine our former theories about the Elder Folk. In particular, several of the artifacts they brought back, including efforts to copy the cave drawings and carvings they saw, may shed light on the form and function of the houses that floated above the earth. The artifacts and drawings are presently in the special exhibits hall of the Folkhamlár’s museum, and I would like to encourage each member of this community to examine them through the lens of his or her own discipline. In two months time, at the end of Hærfastmath, the artifacts will travel on to their next location. In five months time, on the 28th day of Deorcmath, the Folkhamlár will sponsor a lárthing for the presentation of research projects related to the examination of the Hidden Lands artifacts.
This is an unprecedented opportunity to engage with our own mythology, all the more significant coming to us as it does in a moon year. Thank you for your presence here today, and I look forward to the discussions that will fill these halls over the next months.

The Folkhamlár of Greatvale

When Folkhame was rebuilt after the great fire in 50AC, the Rædgivers Leofwine of Brandwyk, Osgar of Middlebury, and Witeger Leafday Ælefdyr created a space in their newly expanded city for advanced learning in all areas of arts and sciences. Although one of the main purposes of the Folkhamlár was to prepare Boroughsetters to take up the full responsibilities of Boroughræden, it also fostered creative discussion among læreowas (teachers) and their leornoras (students) who were encouraged to question established patterns of thought even as they explored new areas of inquiry.